Friday, March 12, 2010

SOoooo Curious

So I am super duper curious this pregnancy about what I will have!
I'm not for sure why cause with Jay I was not at all! But on Wednesday I talked Cedric into going up to Walgreen's with me to purchase a $30 gender test! Yes! $30 for a test that has like zero percent guarantee but I just had too! so I woke up at 4:00am on Thursday morning to pee into a cup and do a little science experiment. Guess what it said?? BOY! But we find out for real on April 12th. Can't wait!

Happy V-Day!

Cedric surprised us and flew home for the weekend so we took Jay to the zoo and I planned on making a yummy steak dinner that night. But instead of having our romantic dinner we all went to bed sick! I think we got food poisoning from the zoo! :(
My Friend just opened up the cutest photography studio right near us and so we took advantage and went and got Jayvia's pictures taken. They turned out so cute!

D.C Trip

We LOVED D.C. but it was FREEZING!
I am so not used to that kind of weather anymore!
We stayed at a very nice hotel just out of the city and Jayvia loved the huge escalator. She made daddy take her up and down like 10 times. The first day we went on the subway into the city and spent all day there. We seen Arlington field and changing of the guard (my fav), The White House and of course all the amazing monuments. That night we had dinner at Grand Central Station. The second day we went to Georgetown which I loved! It was so cute and all the streets we cobblestone and there is just so much history there. We ate at the famous Bens Chili Bowl and then headed back to VA.

BIG News!

Jay and I went to visit Cedric in January, he is at a Military University on Ft. Lee in Richmond Virginia. So after a very long flight, canceled connection and long layover we finally got to Richmond. We picked up the rental car and headed to base. As soon as we got there we had BIG news to share so I quickly changed Jayvia's shirt and we walked into the hotel to meet daddy.
He was so excited and instantly said so we are going to name HIM...


This Christmas was so much fun!
Cedric was able to come home from military training in Virginia and we started off by decorating the house and buying our first FAKE tree! Yes, I got a fake one this year because in Texas the real ones just don't last long... so we started that morning and worked on our cute tree that night. Jayvia loved all the lights and taking off all the "balls" as she called them after mom hung them on the tree. I have made it a tradition to hold our family Christmas party on Christmas eve and it is always so much fun! We had so much good food to eat, tracked Santa om T.V. and had our first annual gingerbread house contest. All the kids had a blast until Cedric was so worried about the mess and made them go out into the cold garage and eat them right after. He'll know better for our next go round.

Christmas morning was the best! Jayvia woke up and walked out of her room with a huge smile on her face. Santa brought her a mini barbie bug and she jumped right into it saying Go- Go! I think she stayed in that car all day long :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009


We had such a fun day at Dewberry farms! Besides the 3 million people there, they had so many fun things to do for the kids. We took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and of course Jayvia wanted to WALK through all the dirt :)